Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The reality of Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day. Blog Action day is trying to this one day, focus the attention of readers of blogs on the topic of poverty.

Poverty is not a condition that makes me happy or comfortable. I have more than enough to eat and always have had. I have money to buy clothes when I need them, provide a roof over my head and be able to see a doctor when I need to. Don't get me wrong. I am not rich. But God knows I am not in poverty.

I don't like to see poverty. I don't like to talk about poverty. I don't like to think about poverty. Poverty is a huge problem in this world and it shouldn't be. There is enough food in the world to feed every person. That is a distribution problem. If you look at the wealth in the world, I suspect that there is enough wealth in the world to eliminate poverty as well. It's a distribution problem.

If each of us looks mindfully at how we distribute the money that we are stewards of.....could we then act to eliminate poverty?

mindfullness ....

thinking about what you are doing
thinking about why you are doing it
thinking about what the effects of doing it are going to be


megha said...

well i dont know why such a situation arise

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John Powers said...

I know you are busy and won't get to this but: It's a pain in the neck but sometimes people play a tag game with blogs. The idea is to get people to tell a bit about themselves and to link to other blogs. I tagged you. Only play if you want to. The main thing was I wanted to link to your blog.

If others of the OurWorld Team (whom I also tagged) play any part in this, I bet you'll be tagged so often you'll relent and actually do some form of this game.